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When it comes to Asheville vacuum repair, Carolina Vacuums & More has all of the answers to your vacuum questions.

Why is my vacuum not picking up like it did when it was new?

Why is it making that loud noise and can it be fixed?

Why is there an unpleasant smell after I vacuum?

We handle Asheville vacuum repair and vacuum service for all vacuum brands and models!

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Vacuum Service and Repair

You won’t find better, faster, more affordable Asheville vacuum repair and service than what we offer at your local Carolina Vacuums & More.

  • Same-day service available on many vacuums
  • Loaner vacuums available when purchasing a vacuum tune-up

Our Asheville vacuum repair and service makes having a happy vacuum easier than ever.

Regular vacuum service extends the life of the vacuum, preventing breakdowns or early failure of the machine. When your vacuum is serviced, our technicians look for potential problems, so they can solve them before they even occur. If you let a small mechanical problem go on without fixing it, that small problem can destroy your machine and cost you extra for repairs or replacement.


Carolina Vacuums & More is an Authorized Warranty Service Center for Oreck, Miele, Hoover, Royal and Dirt Devil. We have experience with all brands of vacuums, including Dyson, Shark, Bissell, Electrolux, Dirt Devil, Hoover, Kirby, and more.

Just like your car and your HVAC system, your high-quality vacuum needs regular service and maintenance to keep it running at peak performance. Get the most out of your investment and have our Asheville Clean Home Experts routinely service your vacuum cleaner.

Vacuums have the dirtiest job in your home. They suck up grime, hair, toys, socks, and everything else from your floors. Regular use wears down parts and creates unpleasant odors inside your vacuum. By having your vacuum serviced annually, you’ll get more life out of your vacuum, not to mention better performance and a cleaner home. Plus, we offer affordable tune-up packages and special promotions.

Vacuum Service

If you’ve never had vacuum service,

here are some signs that you need to bring it in today!


    If your vacuum is cutting off, you could have an electrical problem.


    Unusual noises can be caused by worn motors or jammed parts. Come see us before further damage occurs.


    Loss of suction means less cleaning. This could be an indication of a clog or broken belt.


    Over time, all vacuums will smell. We can fix this problem for you!


    This could be an indication of a motor at the end of its life.

Our experienced vacuum technicians can diagnose any problems and service your current vacuum, regardless of the brand.


Don’t worry about boxing up your vacuum and waiting for the machine to ship to and from a manufacturer. Instead, bring your machine into our Asheville Carolina Vacuums & More for Asheville vacuum repair and service done in-house.

When you purchase a new, premium Oreck, Miele, or Riccar vacuum cleaner at one of our Clean Home Centers, you will receive a long warranty and a number of free annual services. We are confident in our vacuums, and we know they operate at their best when they are serviced regularly.

Purchase a premium Miele vacuum from one of our Clean Home Centers we will provide a free annual vacuum service each time you purchase a replacement HEPA filter. We make it convenient and easy for you to keep your vacuum working its best. Just a buildup of hair in the brushes on your vacuum can affect its function! Regardless of the vacuum brand you choose, we recommend professional service to prevent unforeseen problems, to keep it working at its best, and to extend the life of the machine.

You can either give us a call, drop by, or fill out the contact form to speak with a local, Clean Home Expert!

Vacuum Service Carolina Vacuums & More

What does a vacuum Tune-Up include?

  • Replacing worn or damaged seals
  • Checking the drive belt
  • Replacing the inner bag
  • Checking the roller brush bearings
  • Cleaning the roller brush
  • Polishing the motor commutator & shaft
  • Checking all electrical connections
  • Cleaning the housing and base plate
  • Cleaning the inside of the outer bag and bag dock