At Carolina Vacuums & More we offer several solutions for deep cleaning your floors.

Vacuuming your floors frequently with a high quality vacuum cleaner helps all of your flooring surfaces look great and last longer, but occasionally your floors require deeper cleaning to keep a clean and healthy home. This is especially true when you have children and pets.


Is your flooring too sensitive for normal cleaning solutions? Or do you prefer to use a more “green” method of cleaning your floors? We’ve got an environmentally-friendly solution for you. Trade out your old mop for a steam mop floor machine! Oreck steam mops use heat to clean your floors, so you don’t need to use any other cleaning solutions with it. These are great for parents and pet owners too, since they’re safer to use with animals or children in the home.

Why are steam mops better than a regular mop?

They clean deeper!

The Oreck Steam-It produces temperatures hot enough to reduce bacteria such as e-coli and staph in addition to cleaning tough stains from grease and oil. The Oreck Steam-Glide creates steam that removes dirt and cleans hard floor surfaces. With both models, steaming clears the dirt or grime away quickly.

They smell cleaner!

When you use a steam mop, like we mentioned above, you don’t have to use cleaning solutions on your flooring. And your home will smell cleaner!

They reduce the amount of time you spend mopping!

Because steam mops use steam to clean the floors, the dirt and debri are loosened by the heat and are cleaned off the floor easily. You’re not going to be down on the floor scrubbing with all your might. And because it uses steam instead of just water and cleaning solutions, your floor isn’t left as wet so it dries faster. Steam mops cut the time of the chore in half, if not more!

They leave a shine!

Have you noticed, when you use a mop on your floors, it leaves behind a foggy film? We hate that film!

A steam mop will leave behind a beautiful shine because it cleans your floors with only water. So, as opposed to the effects you get when using bleach or other harsh cleaning solutions, you instead get a shiny finish so clean you could eat off of it! That is, until someone walks on it. Then we wouldn’t recommend it!


ORBITER (Multi-Purpose Floor Cleaner)

We affectionately call the Oreck Orbiter® “The Super Mop” because this professional quality machine is able to deep clean all floor surfaces. The Super Mop uses a gentle random orbital motion to scrub any type of floor clean. And it saves you from the back-breaking work of scrubbing floors. With the Orbiter® you can clean and polish hardwoods, dry clean carpets, clean tile and grout, and much more! It’s an all-in-one professional machine that will keep your home or office floors clean and free of deep bacteria.

Keep your beautiful floors beautiful.

The Oreck Orbiter ® Ultra makes it simple to sand, refinish, strip, scrub, wax, and polish all floor surfaces, as well as deep clean your carpets. The Oreck Orbiter ® Ultra works differently from other conventional floor scrubbers. The brush head rotates in a random orbit, making it easy to control. This also allows the machine to easily glide over the floor, and prevents brush marks, swirls, sanding marks, and gouges. It’s so maneuverable, you won’t have any problem operating it!

We have several different cleaning pads available for purchase to use with the Orbiter ®, along with superior cleaning supplies. The Oreck Orbiter ® is versatile enough to tackle virtually any job on any floor surface, while also giving you amazing, professional-looking results every time.



Surely you vacuum your carpet often, but do you ever deep clean your carpet? You may think you only need a carpet cleaner to get out heavy stains, but even when your carpet looks great, it can be hoarding pet dander and other allergens. Then, when you walk across the carpet, you activate all those allergens which are then pushed out into the air of your home.

Sometimes wet cleaning is the best solution for a customer’s needs. We have a selection of scrubbing machines for deep cleaning your carpets and hard floor surfaces.  Scrubber machines deep clean and then extract the dirty solution into a separate tank for easy cleanup when you are finished.  Sometimes you just need to see the dirty water to believe it’s cleaning.

We offer a few different solutions for carpet cleaning, like the Oreck Revitalize and the Royal Pro-Series UltraSpin. They both work well on carpets and upholstery in your home. In addition, the Oreck Surface Scrub floor machine and the Royal Pro-Series UltraSpin we mentioned before are both excellent options for hard-floor surfaces.

All of our Scrubber / Extractor Machines give you a powerful, deep clean. Enjoy a clean and healthy home when you use our scrubber / extractor floor machines to banish allergens from your home.



Ultra Multi-Purpose Floor Machine

PRICE: $549.99

  • 10 Year Warranty
  • 10 Annual Tune-Ups
  • 13 Inch Cleaning Path
  • Dry Clean Carpet
  • Clean Hardwoods
  • Clean Tile and Grout
  • Scrub Concrete